Enterprise Development


Company mession:To promote the development of carbon fiber products equipment,and strive for social progress.      

Talent philosophy:Excellent emplouees are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise

Service philosophy:With our great efforts in exchange for customer satisfaction

Quality Concept:Labor without quality is labor without effect

Business idea:To be honest with each other can connect the world with the heart to meet even kyushu

Military culture:Yeah,get the job done.Do what you say,do what you do,and do what you say you’re going to do

Family culture:We are a loving family,your business is my business.

School culture:Everything for learning out the way,i cultivate you to grow for the enterprise

Planning future:

 Corporate vision:Do 100 years of enterprise to create a world brand

Company values:Integrity,quality,responsibility,gratitude

Mission statement:To provide customers advanced products

                               To build a happy life home for golleagues

                               Lead the trend of carbon equipment manufacturing for the society

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