After-sales service

The service mode:
(1) telephone service: our technician to communicate by telephone, fax, network way with your technical staff, where the fault analysis device, and guide your personnel to repair.
Features: applicable to some small fault repair, the advantages of rapid and high efficiency, the maximum shortening downtime, saving both unnecessary expenses.
(2) the door-to-door service: when solve the equipment fault through the phone cannot and must be technical personnel to the scene to solve, we will be your requirements, rapid response, arrange customer service personnel in the shortest possible time to repair.
Features: suitable for fault larger or your operating personnel technical ability limited application. Due to long distance, has time limitation.
Business Hours commitment:
(1) local customers, in my company’s customer service service car cover day within the scope of problem solving.
(2) foreign customers, according to the distance, the latest 48 hours.
Service category:
(1) installation: we will send technical personnel free on-site installation and commissioning of equipment and operator training.
(2) warranty: warranty period (one year), the damage caused by quality problems (due to equipment operation, improper maintenance and wearing normal wear and tear excluded), we are completely free service. (including the labor costs, spare parts costs and other related ancillary expenses)
(3) Follow-Up Services: we offer a lifetime warranty repair service, for customers, if you have asked us to on-site service, we will request come in time, we will charge time charge, reasonable spare parts cost and related ancillary expenses.
(4) inspection service: we can not regularly after sale service personnel in your organization, without requests onsite equipment repair and maintenance. When in need of replacement parts, we will only charge fittings fee, no charge time charge and other related ancillary expenses.

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